Workshop: Public Involvement: What has this got to do with Public Health and what is in it for me…& others?

We are excited to announce our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) half day online workshop to be held on Tues 23rd May 2023. This workshop aims at raising awareness and the profile of PPIE and offering a non-threatening forum to raise issues for discussion. We anticipate this with be of interest to public health researchers in the Public Health Policy Research Units (PRUs) and, depending on space, researchers in other PRUs. Full details will be released soon, please check again soon.

Trainers: Jennifer Bostock (PPI co-lead PRUs – QSO, PIRU, Cancer Early Diagnosis & Screening; Chair: Public Advisory Group & BRC/RDS Training Chair; PPI Co-app NIHR/Rand Europe/HS2/UKHSA); NIHR HTA & UKRI panelist) & Lisa Richardson.

Draft Timetable:

11am – Welcome, Introductions and housekeeping

11-11.05 – Introduction: Overview of the workshop. What is PPIE & what it is not. Why do we have it? – social, political and ethical dimensions

11.05-11.15 – Introducing the Research Cycle – PPIE from ‘Idea to Impact’

11.15-11.30 – Case Studies Part One - Small break out groups – groups to be mock funding panels reviewing PPIE section

11.30 – 11.45 – Feedback to large group by small group nominees & debate

11.45-12 – Tea Break

12 – 12.15 - What to look for in research applications including some ‘tricky’ methodologies (data analysis etc) & ‘special cases’ (policy rapid response etc)

12.15-12.30 – Case Studies Part Two– as above and/or including delegates own research

12.30 – 12.45pm - Feedback to large group by small group nominees & debate

12.45-1pm – ‘How was it for me’: a guest speaker on PPIE in practice. This is intended to be an honest and inspiring account of PPIE, ‘warts and all’.

1pm-1:30 PPIE FAQs & PPIE Conundrums (e.g. ‘Do I need a PPIE co-app?’ ‘My research is not medical so there are no patients -what do I do?’ “What is co-production and should I be doing it?” “How much should I budget for PPIE?”)

1:30pm-2.00pm - Questions, Answers and the Way Ahead…